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Eagles Vs Bills: Game Time, TV Info And More

The Eagles are back on the road this week to take on the 3-1 Buffalo Bills in a game that has to be seen as a must win for the 1-3 Birds. Kickoff is at 1pm on FOX with Sam Rosen and Brian Billick on the call. Despite the high stakes this week, Eagles QB Michael Vick says they're treating this game as they would any other.

"I mean, any game in this league is going to be difficult," Vick said, "especially when you’re on the road. I think the things you need to do is go in there focused, primarily, and take care of your responsibilities and just see how it goes; kind of go with the flow and understand that each possession is important and just take it one play at a time."

For the Eagles, a 1-4 start to the season would all but kill off their already weakened playoff hopes. LB Moise Fokou was asked whether that makes this afternoon's game a "must win?"

"As a team it’s a must-have game; every game’s a must-have game. But especially with our backs against the wall and us knowing what kind of team we can be, all that matters right now is for us to get a win. We need to get back on that winning side. So in the aspect of do-or-die for the team, yeah we need to win."

Head coach Andy Reid downplayed the idea that the team would play desperate or change the way they do things in a "must win" type of scenario. Reid stressed that the "must win" attitude is something he wants to see out of the team on a weekly basis.

"You need to take the same approach you do all games. We try to keep that as consistent as we can so if you’re in a situation like this, or if you’ve won three games in a row, than you keep it consistent. You go out, play your best football, do it one play at a time, and that’s how you go about your business."