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LeSean McCoy Fantasy Projection: Can Shady Equal OJ Simpson?

LeSean McCoy has a chance to do something no player has done in the NFL since 1986. If he scores a TD this afternoon, he will have scored at least one in all nine games this season, a feat accomplished by only three players since 1960. Lenny Moore, George Rogers and OJ Simpson.

So Shady has a chance to emulate OJ... in a good way.


McCoy is having a monster season leading the NFL in rushing yards, rushing TDs, total TDs and first downs. His 825 yards so far are the most for an Eagles running back through right games ever. The Cardinals have an average run defense, so the Numberfire projections for McCoy's fantasy performance this week are strong.


17.00 car, 85.98 yds, 3.61 rec for 33.03 yds, 0.69 TDs for 15.94 pts


The Cardinals are giving up 21.1 fantasy points per game to RBs over the last five weeks including a few monster games to Ray Rice (27.9) and Adrian Peterson (30.2).