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Eagles Vs Cardinals: LeSean McCoy "Shocked" At DeSean Jackson's Benching

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson was benched yesterday after missing a team meeting on Saturday. His benching came not only as a surprise to the fans, but it seems to the players as well. After the game, LeSean McCoy said it was a “shock” to hear DeSean would not be playing.

“Yeah, you game plan for having one of the most explosive deep threats in the game, it was an absolute shock to hear he wasn’t going to be playing” said McCoy.

He also said that it was clear that the team missed his contributions today.

“With the type of player he is, he plays a big role for this offense. Any player that says we didn’t miss him is not being honest.”

However, McCoy says he’s not disappointed with DeSean.

“No, he’s a grown man. We are good friends and he’s accountable for everything he does. That is more his situation. He has guys on this team that will do anything for him. I think he knows that he is wrong for it and he’s sorry. I am sure he will do anything that will help him get back with this team and play this game. He’s a professional athlete, so he has to deal with his situation.”