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Andy Reid Non-Committal About Michael Vick Status In Press Conference

To say Andy Reid was “non-committal” or “cagey” about Michael Vick’s status for this weekend would be putting it lightly. The already testy Eagles coach looked like Manny Pacquio ducking and dodging nearly every questions reporters asked of him regarding Vick’s injury availability for this Sunday’s game against the Giants and about who might start in his place.

Here’s just a sampling of how it went.

On how Vick is today compared to Monday:

“He’s still sore. These next few days will tell, so we’ll see, but he is sore today.”

On what will determine who starts at quarterback if Vick cannot play:

“We’ll see how practice goes this week.”

On whether Young is the top backup because he was put into the game when Vick came out:

“We’ll just see. We’ll see how it all works out.”

On whether Young and Kafka will split the practice reps 50/50:

“Not sure yet.”

On whether Vick’s rib injury is comparable to the one he sustained last season against Washington and whether it is more or less manageable:

“I don’t know, I think the next few days will tell. We’ll have a better idea as things go on. We’re not going to put him in any bit of risk out there, that’s not what we do. We’ll just see how the next few days go.”

Hopefully you’re all feeling very informed now!