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Andy Reid Press Conference: Coach Remains Committed To Michael Vick

After Vince Young's epic game game winning drive against the Giants it was inevitable, despite his overall pretty poor showing, that some reporters would ask Andy Reid whether he was still committed to Michael Vick as his starting QB when Vick returns from injury. The coach quickly brushed off the questions and made it clear that Vick was still his #1, but said that he was confident that Young could get the job done.

"Well, I felt that way going in. I don't have a long history with Vince, and I felt confident that he would be able to be successful, knock a little of the rust off, get kind of caught up with the game speed and then be okay, and then I also have confidence in [QB] Mike Kafka. So that allows us to do that, although that's what we normally do anyway. We're not going to put a guy out there if he can't play."

On the injury front he said that Vick was improving but is still sore and if there were a game today, he wouldn't be ready to go. However, the coach says they'll keep monitoring him with an eye toward him hopefully practicing on Monday.

Reid was also asked if they did anything different this week that might explain the difference in their fourth quarter performance this week as opposed to the rest of the year?

"Well listen, they know. These are smart guys, so they know that we've struggled in the fourth quarter. There's not a lot you have to say. It's just important that you maintain your energy through it, and that you don't put so much emphasis on it that you start doing things crazy as far as penalties and turnovers, and so on, and that the coaches, they give the players the calls and they know they can execute."

DeSean Jackson picked up a foot injury when a Giants players stepped on him at some point during the touchdown to Riley Cooper. He was seen leaving the stadium in a boot, but Reid said that it's nothing serious.

"I don't think so. It's sore today, but it's not a Lisfranc or one of those things. It got stepped on. It's tender. He came in early this morning and got treatment, so we'll see how he does."