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Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em: Eagles Vs Patriots

The Patriots defense is a bit of an enigma. They give up tons of yardage, the most in the league actually, but are pretty stingy when it comes to points. In fact, they’re allowing 20.3 points per game, which is 10th best in the NFL. However, the amount of yards they give up, over 400 per game, is a major concern in New England. It makes their low points per game average fairly unsustainable if teams are moving on them at will.

So what does this mean for the Eagles’ skill position guys in fantasy football today? Here are the projections from Numberfire.

DeSean Jackson – 4.49 rec for 50.83 yds, 0.28 TDs for 6.77 pts

Jeremy Maclin – 3.08 rec for 39.68 yds, 0.40 TDs for 6.43 pts

LeSean McCoy – 18.50 car, 83.85 yds, 4.17 rec for 38.15 yds, 0.72 TDs for 16.56 pts

Brent Celek – 3.97 rec for 41.04 yds, 0.33 TDs for 6.06 pts

Vince Young – 21.64/34.74, 218.55 yds, 1.16 TDs, 0.88 INTs for 14.09 pts

And for the Patriots.

Tom Brady – 21.12/33.36, 249.50 yds, 1.74 TDs, 0.92 INTs for 15.91 pts

Wes Welker – 4.56 rec for 67.78 yds, 0.54 TDs for 10.30 pts

Rob Gronkowski – 5.29 rec for 64.39 yds, 0.50 TDs for 9.41 pts

BenJarvus Green-Ellis – 10.92 car, 46.44 yds, 1.78 rec for 14.42 yds, 0.38 TDs for 8.40 pts

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