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Eagles Vs Patriots: "Fire Andy Reid" Chants Break Out

It’s getting ugly down at the Linc today and the fans have seemingly had enough. The Eagles trail 31-13 late in the third and had a 4th and 1 near the goal line. Rather than the ball, they called a play action roll out where Vince Young overthrew Brent Celek on a fade pass.

It was one of those play calls that just infuriates everyone watching. The Eagles are the top rushing team in the NFL with the the NFL’s leading rusher and they call a play that cuts the field down into a quarter in the already tight space of a goal line play. The throw was poor from Young, but the play was pretty well covered either way.

At that point, the fans snapped. Very loud “Fire Andy Reid” chants began to break out around the Linc as the Eagles faithful voiced their displeasure at the coach and the team.

DeSean Jackson has also gotten his helping of boos tonight. The first came after he dropped a perfectly thrown pass in the end zone that would have made the score 17-21. The worst part was that Jackson appeared to be concerned about getting hit on the play and may not have put his full attention into making the catch. He got himself a second helping of boos when late in the third quarter he opted not to fair catch a punt that took a big Patriots bounce and put the Eagles in terrible field position.

And just as I write this, DeSean dropped yet another would be TD pass when Vince Young hit him with a perfect deep pass over two Patriots defenders. Not surprisingly, huge boos rain down from the stands. In a truly terrible year for DeSean, he just may be putting on his worst display yet.

And the “Fire Andy” chants resume…