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VIDEO: Tom Brady 4th Quarter Touchdown Pass to Rob Gronkowski Puts Eagles Down 38-13

The Eagles once led this game 10-0. That lead only lasted until the second quarter.

Tom Brady's third touchdown pass of the game took until the fourth quarter, but the damage had long been done on the scoreboard. A 17-point scoring burst from the Patriots erased the early lead the Eagles held. Philadelphia had for the most part kept Rob Gronkowski, who burned the Chiefs last week for two important scores, in check. With the latest Brady touchdown, only Deion Branch didn't score a long touchdown for the Patriots out of Branch, Gronkowski and Wes Welker. Branch did however catch a 63-yard pass which setup the touchdown which allowed the Patriots to take the lead 14-10.

Vince Young, replacing Michael Vick at quarterback for the Eagles, also had big passing numbers (400 yards) in this game. However, he didn't have the touchdowns that Brady had. Young also had one interception to Brady's zero.