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Eagles Vs Bears: Jay Cutler Confident Of Offensive Line Improvement

It's no big secret what the major weakness of the Bears offense has been this year. The offensive line, while doing a fine job opening holes for Matt Forte, has really struggled to protect QB Jay Cutler who has been sacked 21 times, the third most in the NFL. Despite that, Cutler says he believes the line is getting better and will continue to improve.

"Getting better and better. We're getting there." said Cutler "We're getting some guys healthy and I think that group we have right now is really consistent and has a good feel of what we're trying to get done and the communication is a lot better. What we're doing, I think, is really helping them out, so we've been able to find some stuff -- getting the ball out of my hands, the way Matt (Forte) is running the football he's presenting some problems for defenses. So it's going to be interesting to see how they play us."

On the other side of the ball, the Eagles, who have the 6th most sacks in the NFL this year, have to licking their chops. LB Jamar Chaney says that playing on Monday night against the Bears is yet another chance to prove that the defenses' early season struggles are behind that.

"Every time we step on the field, we want to showcase our talent." said Chaney. "We work all through the week just to go out there and have a good game on Monday, so it's always our goal no matter what the situation is. We consider every game a must-win, and we want to go out and have a great game on defense. That's why we come out here even on the days that we have off. You see all the guys on the defense out here trying to get better, even laying in our beds and watching film so that on Monday we are ready to go."