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Eagles Activate 2010 First Round Pick Brandon Graham

The Eagles made the move we've been waiting for the last two weeks and activated 2010 first round pick Brandon Graham from the PUP list. G Kyle DeVan was cut to make room. Our speculation was that Jarrad Page would be the obvious man out, but actually DeVan probably works just as well. After a poor start to the season, he was benched prior to the Bills game in favor of 2011 first round pick Danny Watkins, who seems to have made the position his own since then.

But really, the story here is Graham. He obviously won't start and will probably only see limited snaps, but just the fact that he'll be back playing is a big deal. This was the 13th overall pick in the draft in 2010, so clearly the team sees him as a major part of their future. While he may not be the pass rusher Jason Babin is at this point. Graham was a better two way defender at Michigan. He was a great pass rusher and did well against the run. So the upside is that we could potentially have a second Trent Cole to play opposite Trent Cole...

But we don't want to get ahead of ourselves here. It's just good to see Graham back and now he's got some time to further strengthen the knee and get himself back into playing shape.