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Eagles Vs Bears: Andy Reid On Why Eagles Play Well In Primetime

When you think of the Eagles most famous wins over the past couple years, they've all been in prime time. The 59 point shellacking of the Redskins last year was a Monday nighter. The blowout of the Cowboys last week was on Sunday night. In fact, the Eagles are 6-1 playing under the lights over the past two seasons, with their only loss coming this year to Falcons in the game where Michael Vick was injured in the 4th quarter.

Head coach Andy Reid was asked this week if the preparation for these prime time games is different and does that explain their success?

"I'll tell you the same thing as the bye." Reid said. "We go through the process, try to stay as focused as you can. There's a lot of possible distractions when you're a primetime game, you are the only show going on and so you can be torn in different directions and it's important that you focus in. But those are the same things you're working on for every game. There's just a few more situations that you can be pulled on for the primetime games."

Michael Vick's explanation was a little less practical. He says the guys just get up for playing on a big stage.

"I think all the guys like to play on Monday night because the whole world is watching on Sunday and Monday nights," Vick said. "It gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents in front of the whole world, and you obviously want to try and put on a good showing. Just to go out and play with confidence each and every week, you have to be ready to go."

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