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Eagles Vs Bears: Chicago Leads 17-10 After Mistake Filled First Half

If you love really ugly football, you need to be watching this Eagles vs Bears game. Jay Cutler can't hit an open receiver, Michael Vick threw an awful pick, Jeremy Maclin forgot how to catch, FGs are bouncing off uprights and Matt Forte fumbled for the first time this season. After the teams traded gift TDs at the end of the half, it's 17-10 Bears as we head into the 3rd quarter.

We'll start with the Bears gift... Matt Forte's first fumble of the season, in fact his first fumble in 347 touches turned out to be a very costly one. Up 10-3 with less than two minutes left in the first half, Jay Cutler hit Forte on a screen out to the right. He was met there by rookie LB Brian Rolle, who stripped Forte, picked up the loose ball and returned it for a TD to tie the game at 10.

On the ensuing drive, the Bears offense, which ground to halt in the second quarter when they inexplicably abandoned the run and Jay Cutler completely lost any semblance of accuracy can't convert a third down and they need to punt. DeSean Jackson fields the punt and promptly gets that ball knocked out. The Bears recover with first and goal to go.

The Eagles defense would actually make a stop however and appear to force a FG, but Jason Babin was called for roughing the passer on third down to give the Bears first and goal once again. Replays showed that Babin seemed to be pushed into Cutler, but the Eagles protests fell on deaf ears and the Bears scored to make it 17-10.

Prior to the last 2 or 3 minutes I would have said that the score flattered the Eagles, but given how poor both teams have looked, it's probably about right. Bears started hot, but since then it's been just a mess. Here's hoping for a better showing in the second half.