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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: A Patriots Free Top Ten

We have some big movers in the NFL power rankings this week both up and down. The Houston Texans have been one of the best teams in the NFL over the last three weeks and their big jump in the ranks reflects that. The Jets have also won three straight and have earned themselves a slot in the top 10.

As for the big losers this week, Pittsburgh took a tumble after their loss to the Ravens, but it's more of a reflection on the performance of the other teams around them than anything else. That was an absolute war with the Ravens on Sunday night and might have been proof that those two are the best in the AFC.

And finally, our dear friends in Foxboro. The Patriots were as high as #1 in week three of this season, but this time around they find themselves around the middle of the pack after two straight poor performances. As good as Tom Brady is, it's going to be hard to compete when he's got the worst defense in the NFL on the field when he's not.

With that, onto the week 10 power ranks.

1) Green Bay Packers - The Pack are the only undefeated team in the NFL, but if you're wondering if they have a weakness, look no further than that defense, which is giving up the 3rd most yards per game in the NFL. They won't stay undefeated if that ranking holds. LW (1)

2) Baltimore Ravens - Best win of the week (sorry Giants). A true statement game if there ever was one. That said, giving the coach a Gatorade bath afterward? That was a little lame. (LW 4)

3) San Francisco 49ers - Didn't look great on the road against the Redskins, but whenever a West Coast team travels east and gets a win, they should be happy. Should be a great game when they welcome the Giants to SF next week. (LW 3)

4) New York Giants - The Giants defense has manged to make Matt Moore look good and Tom Brady look bad in back to back weeks. Go figure. (LW 6)

5) New Orleans Saints - Convincing win over the Bucs to keep themselves atop the NFC South. (LW 9)

6) Houston Texans - Over the last three weeks, the Texans have scored 95 points and allowed just 33. They're quietly playing some of the best football in the league. (LW 11)

7) New York Jets - At this point, the Jets have to be considered the favorites in the AFC East. (LW 12)

8) Pittsburgh Steelers - Tough for them to swept by the Ravens, but they showed that they're not going anywhere. (LW 2)

9) Cincinnati Bengals - Cincy is currently second in the AFC North, but they've yet to play the Ravens or Steelers. That changes the next two weeks. Let's see how Andy Dalton looks after those two games. (LW 10)

10) Detroit Lions - Had a bye to heal up and get ready for a massive game against the Bears this weekend. (LW 5)

11) Buffalo Bills - The Bills had a chance to make a statement at home against the Jets. They did make a statement... but the statement was "We're not ready to contend in the AFC East."  (LW 7)

12) Atlanta Falcons - Won their gimme game against the Colts last week, but on Sunday s@*t gets real when they host the Saints at the Georgia Dome.  (LW 13)

13) Chicago Bears - Two uncharacteristic fumbles from Matt Forte led to 14 points for the Eagles, but otherwise the Bears played really well on the road in Philadelphia. They have a chance to stake a real claim to a playoff spot next week against Detroit. (LW 15)

14) New England Patriots - Their defense has stunk all year, but their offense has now stunk for two straight games. All is not well in Foxboro. LW (8)

15) Kansas City Chiefs - Does anyone want to win the AFC West? Anyone?  (LW 14)

16) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - They've lost two straight and now have to face the red hot Texans and undefeated Packers in the next weeks. This season could slip away fast for the Bucs. (LW 16)

17) Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys are great at beating bad teams. (LW 20)

18) Philadelphia Eagles - So it appears the Eagles we saw the last two weeks were the anomaly and the sloppy team with the bad defense we saw over the first five weeks is the reality. (LW 17)

19) San Diego Chargers - Phillip Rivers now has six INTs over his last two games. He's just not right. (LW 18)

20) Tennessee Titans - The Titans are on the road for 3 of their next 4. They need to win three of those four to remain in the playoff hunt. (LW 19)

21) Oakland Raiders - Carson Palmer has only played 1.5 games this year and already has the 7th highest INT total in the NFL. That's looking like one of the worst trades ever made. (LW 21)

22) Denver Broncos - Tim Tebow wasn't terrible, so let's all overreact the other way! Still hasn't managed to complete half of his passes, but hey... they're only a game back in the awful AFC West.  (LW 28)

23) Cleveland Browns - The Browns have some winnable games over the next couple weeks, but then they still have to face the Steelers and Ravens each twice. (LW 22)

24) Washington Redskins - If the Colts are leading the Luck sweepstakes, is this weekend's game against the Dolphins the Landry Jones bowl? (LW 23)

25) Minnesota Vikings - Got a week of rest, which is good... because they're in Lambeau on Sunday. (LW 24)

26) Jacksonville Jaguars - Can we just flex this Colts vs Jags game this weekend off the schedule altogether? (LW 25)

27) Carolina Panthers - They've got their QB of the future, so now all that remains is for the Panthers to start winning some games. (LW 26)

28) Miami Dolphins - They're just too competitive to suck for Luck. Matt Moore probably isn't the future, but he's playing well. (LW 31)

29) St. Louis Rams - See the Panthers blurb. (LW 27)

30) Seattle Seahawks - How on earth did this team go into New Jersey and whip the Giants in week 5? (LW 29)

31) Arizona Cardinals - People seem to think the rookie of the year race is between Andy Dalton and Cam Newton. Maybe Patrick Peterson deserves some mention as well. (LW 30)

32) Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning made an appearance on the sidelines on Sunday. Didn't help. (LW 32)