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Philadelphia Eagles Making No Excuses After Loss To Bears

The Eagles entered last night's game with a shot at getting back to .500 and bolstering their playoff credentials in the NFC. They had a shot at proving that their early season struggles were far behind them. They did neither and really had no excuses after the game.

Head coach Andy Reid expressed his disappointment.

"We need to keep getting better." Reid said. "That’s what we need to do. Am I disappointed with tonight’s outcome? Absolutely, because we put all of that time and effort into it.  We just have to continue to work hard and learn from our mistakes and get better."

Quarterback Michael Vick lamented the missed opportunities.

"Obviously, tonight was a big game for us," explained Vick. "We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that we had to get back to 500 but you can't let opportunities like this slip away. I feel like we had a chance to win this game and we let it slip away but we have to put it behind us and just not let it happen again. Whatever happened tonight that can be corrected has to be corrected."

Vick says the team has no choice but to keep grinding.

"It's tough right now and obviously we've dug this hole ourselves and we have to dig ourselves out of it. The only thing we can do is take it one game at a time and try to learn from our mistakes."