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FakeWIPCaller on Andy Reid, Through the Years

Twitter's most vocal and passionate Eagles fan looks back on the Andy Reid era

Andy Reid hasn't exactly been popular with some Eagles fans for the last few years, leading to much speculation that he's finally headed out the door. But this time, with the team 4-7 and the Eagles exiting another home loss to choruses of boos and "Fire Andy" chants, it just feels a bit different.

On the eve of Reid's likely departure
@FakeWIPCaller, Twitter's most vocal and passionate Eagles fan, looks back at some of what he's had to say about Andy over the years:

January 11, 1999: Andy Reid? Who's that?

January 13, 1999: Sure, this guy might know a thing or two about offense. But a man in that kind of physical shape? I can't imagine him lasting here longer than 3 or 4 years.

April 17, 1999: I'm telling you, drafting Donovan McNabb ahead of Ricky Williams is going to be the death knell of Andy Reid's tenure here. The good news is, us talk show callers made such a ruckus that the team's bound to listen to us on personnel matters from now on.

May 1, 2001: Who's going to win this power struggle between Reid and Tom Modrak? My money's on Modrak. 

January 10, 2003: I just don't see how the Eagles can compete in a division like the NFC East. Andy Reid isn't nearly a coach of the stature of Bill Parcells or Steve Spurrier.

March 17, 2004: We got Terrell Owens! And the best part is, he signed a seven-year deal, so we won't have to worry about his contract for awhile!

February 6, 2005: [Can't speak; 35 seconds of audible weeping.]

October 21, 2005: How in the world could a Super Bowl team implode like this? All Andy had to do was get along with T.O.- is that really so hard?

December 30, 2005: The Eagles should let Reid go and replace him with Brad Childress. Can't let that guy get away...

September 17, 2006: Why won't the Eagles run the ball? This sort of one-dimensional offense can't go on for much longer.

October 11, 2006:  Unless he can swing a trade for a big-time wide receiver like Eric Moulds, Javon Walker or Peerless Price, I really don't think Andy is long for this town.

January 16, 2007: The Eagles will never win a thing as long as Big Red is coach. Much the same way the Phillies will never win the World Series as long as Charlie Manuel is manager.

February 7, 2007: Both of Andy Reid's sons were arrested for drugs on the same day? Does this mean his offensive strategies have some narcotic explanation?

November 23, 2008: I'm supposed to be happy that Reid finally benched McNabb? I'll only be satisfied when he benches himself.

January 19, 2009: Fire Andy now. Four lost NFC championship games is four too many.

March 1, 2009: I can't believe the Eagles let Brian Dawkins go. Andy shouldn't just be fired; he should be indicted.

August 14, 2009: The Eagles signed Michael Vick? Unless they're planning to fire Andy and replace him with Tony Dungy, this move makes no sense.

April 4, 2010: McNabb is gone! Halfway to freedom!

September 20, 2010: If Reid continues to play Kolb instead of Vick, he doesn't deserve to coach here anymore.

September 22, 2010: Now that Reid has benched Kolb for Vick, he's shown himself a liar who can never be trusted again.
December 20, 2010: Great job, DeSean Jackson. That touchdown return is going to make firing Andy a lot harder.

July 30, 2011: Asomugha? DRC? Babin? Jenkins? Man, this roster is so loaded not even Andy Reid could screw it up!

Philly sports quick takes:

- I demand that Comcast SportsNet immediately hand over hosting duties on Post Game Live to this guy. He has much more salient things to say after each Eagles game than Barkann, Rendell and Didinger put together.

- Coaches getting into shouting matches on the sideline during a game? So unprofessional. Buddy Ryan never would've stood for such a thing.

- Proposed Sixers trade: Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand for Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Maybe kick in some money if the cap figures don't match. Guaranteed championship.

- I'm not sure which is worse news for the Phillies- Ed Wade's firing in Houston, or Jonathan Broxton signing with an American League team. They're running out of people to take advantage of.

- It's Wing Bowl time! Nothing says "great radio" like the sound of people eating chicken and other people going "Whoa!" and "Did you see that!"

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