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Andy Reid Press Conference: Eagles Coach Praises Bounceback

The Eagles defense put forth one of their best efforts of the season Sunday holding the Dolphins to only 10 points, forcing three turnovers and racking up 9 sacks. It was a great performance that begs the question, why can’t they play that every week?

Andy Reid says the difference this week was that the team bounced back from the early adversity in the game this week.

“I thought one of the positive things that we did in this game, I think you have to feed off of certain things coming in. And so you get yourself ready, and in the right frame of mind to play, and then you’ve got to overcome any lows that might take place early. So, I thought that one of the things that we improved on were some negatives at the beginning of this game, we fought through those and turned them into positives. I’m not sure we’ve done that as well as we should have, as coaches and players, in the past. I was proud of the coaches and players for doing that, because things did not start off the way you want a game to start off. Guys hung in there, the coaches stayed aggressive, the players stayed aggressive, good things happen.”

DeSean Jackson finally got a big touchdown catch after weeks of pretty disappointing play and the coach was sure to call out his effort.

“He’s just getting warmed up. He attracts a lot of attention, and really on that one he was supposed to be doubled, I mean, when you really look at it. The corner didn’t settle back underneath it. So, he did a great job on the sell on the safety, allowed the corner to drop, corner thought he was going through the middle, corner dropped, and he was working on the safety there. Listen, when you’re a good player you attract a lot of attention, and that’s what he’s had this year, and that’s been probably the issue there.”