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Michael Vick Will Play Sunday Against The Jets

Michael Vick has been held out of practice this week as he continues to recuperate from the broken ribs he suffered about a month ago. However, Andy Reid said today that Vick will play this weekend and doesn’t expect his missed practices this week to have too much of an effect.

“I don’t think so,” Reid said. “He caught up on the new plays that we added in, and that’s the important thing. You get to this time of the year, there are certain plays that you run every week that you’ve got in the gameplan that he knows, and then had a handful and you work those and get familiar with them. I think he’ll be alright, to answer your question.”

Vick says he’s not sure whether his ribs will feel much better this weekend, but he’ll be giving it his best.

"Hopefully they will be a lot better, but I do plan on going out there and giving it everything I’ve got and playing as hard as I can," said Vick.

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