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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Eagles Could Be Eliminated With Giants Win

The Eagles slim playoff hopes could come to an end today with either a loss to the Jets or a Giants win over the Redskins. If you'll recall the playoff scenarios we laid out last week, Dallas needed to go 1-3 over their last four and the Giants needed to go no better than 2-2. The Giants got a win and the Cowboys lost, which was pretty good news. However, with Dallas' win last night over the hapless Bucs, the scenarios slim considerably.


Dallas can't win another game this year and the Giants can only win one for the Eagles to have any shot. Problem is that they play each other in two weeks. So at this point, the Giants have to lose today and next week and win that week 17 game against Dallas for the Eagles to get in the playoffs. And of course, that is assuming that the Eagles won out.


So yeah... it doesn't look good. Of course, it hasn't looked good in a few months. The important takeaway here is that if the Giants beat the Redskins today, the Eagles are effectively eliminated. They would also be eliminated from wildcard contention, which is even less likely than winning the NFC East at this point, should the Lions beat the Raiders today.