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Eagles Vs Jets: Defensive TD Puts Eagles Up 7-0

The Eagles needed a hot start today against the Jets and they got one thanks to their defense. Kurt Coleman put a huge hit on Jets WR Santonio Holmes, knocking the ball loose. As Casey Matthews held Holmes down, preventing him from recovering the ball, Juqua Parker picked up the fumble and returned it 47 yards for a TD.

It is Parker's second fumble return for a TD this season making him only the second Eagles defender to do so. The first was Seth Joyner in 1991.

As of this writing, Santonio Holmes has just turned the ball over again. A Mark Sanchez pass near the goal line went right off his hands and into those of Asante Samuel. It was a big turn of events for the Eagles, who had just turned the ball over on a botched punt return. Rookie Curtis Marsh wasn't paying attention and let a bouncing punt hit him, making it a live ball and leading to a Jets recovery inside the Eagles 10 yard line.

Right now it's 7-0 Eagles as Philly is driving.