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LeSean McCoy Sets New Eagles Record With 19th TD

LeSean McCoy has scored his second TD of the day, giving him 19 on the season and setting an Eagles franchise record in the process. The previous record of 18 was set by Steve Van Buren and has stood for 66 years.

Actually, McCoy broke two franchise records on the play. It was also his 16th rushing TD of the year, which is also a record that had been set in the 1945 season by Van Buren. Although, in Van Buren's defense, he scored his 18 TDs in just a 12 game season.

For a 23 year old, the season put together by McCoy is one of the ages and argubly the greatest single season performance by an Eagles back in franchise history. Ruben Frank put McCoy’s historic season in perspective pointing out that McCoy is one of just four players in NFL history to record 19 TDs in a season before their 24th birthday. The others are Eric Dickerson, Gale Sayers and Emmit Smith.. all hall of famers.

Enjoy this kid Eagles fans, he’s special.