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Andy Reid Press Conference: Eagles Coach Talks Defensive Improvement

Andy Reid met the media today after the Eagles recorded their biggest blowout of the season with a 45-19 win over the New York Jets. It also marked the second straight game that the Eagles defense turned in a dominating performance. Over the two games, the Eagles D has forced 7 turnovers and racked up 13 sacks. Reid was asked whether he sees it as an improvement in the players or has rookie defensive coordinator Juan Castillo growing into the job?

“I think it’s a combination,” said Reid "I don’t think it’s the players, I don’t think it’s the coaches, I think it’s everybody doing a better job, and it’s important to do that. We’ve got a good football team that we’re playing this week, so we’ve got to make sure we continue to work and do the right things and execute and put the players in position to execute.”

There’s been a lot of shuffling on the defense as the team has tried to find a combination of guys that work, most notably at the LB position. Reid addressed whether he thinks he’s finally got the right combo?

“I think they’re all challenging each other. That’s kind of the fun thing. You mentioned the linebackers. They’re all having a chance to play. I think they’re all young guys, they want to see who does better when given the opportunity. I think that’s a healthy competition. They have fun with it. When one of them makes a play they’re excited for him. I think it’s a nice little challenge for all of them.”

The Eagles improvement has kept them in the playoff hunt, but they still need help to stay alive. Mostly notably, they need the Giants to lose to the Jets next week. Reid says that that’s out of their control at the moment and all they can do is focus on the upcoming game against Dallas.

“Well listen, you can’t control all that. The thing you can control is going out there tomorrow and practicing, and Wednesday practicing, and Thursday practicing, and Friday, and playing the game. Those are the things that you can control. So take care of that business, I tell myself the same thing, take care of that business, don’t worry about the other thing, there’s nothing you can do about that game. Take care of what you can control.”