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Eagles Vs Cowboys 2011: Can Michael Vick Repeat Dominant Week 8 Performance?

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While the big story of the last Eagles vs Cowboys game was the way the birds rushing attack had their way with Dallas, but we can’t forget how ruthlessly efficient Michael Vick was.

He was 21 of 28 (75%) for 279 yards and 2 TDs and no picks. He had a QB rating of 129.9 and also rushed for 50 yards. A reporter actually asked him this week whether he thought that was the best game of his career?

“I don’t know,” Vick replied. “I can’t say that really because I feel that I have had a lot of great performances and great games. I really can’t say that.”

It may not have been his best statistical game (the Skins 50 pointer may hold that distinction) but he was masterful in this game. He seemed to know every coverage the Cowboys deployed, he recognized blitzes and had at least two audibles that resulted in TDs.

But of course, past performance doesn’t equal future success and Vick isn’t as healthy as he was then and the Cowboys are at home. Mike knows it won’t be easy again.

“I do know that they’ll come in prepared and ready to play. We will, too, so it’ll be a good game.”