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NFL Playoff Picture: Giants Win Eliminates Eagles, Sets Up Play In Game With Cowboys

The Eagles and Jets both felt the pain of having their playoffs resting on Mark Sanchez today as the Giants beat the Jets 29-14 today at Met Life Stadium. Sanchez threw two picks, fumbled three times (two were overturned) and was sacked for a safety. He finished the day with a 54.2 QB rating.

But in the end, it’s not Mark Sanchez’s fault that the Eagles will be sitting home in January this year. They only have themselves to blame. Hoping to get to 8-8 and sneak into the playoffs is no way to live. This Eagles team has been a disappointment any way you slice it and an undeserved 8-8 playoff appearance would have only served to mask that.

The Giants result does change the dynamic of today’s game. For the Eagles, they’re just playing for pride. For Dallas, the game has become essentially meaningless. Whether they win or lose today, they will have to beat the Giants next week in what has essentially become the NFC East division championship game.

So unfortunately, the Eagles don’t even get to play spoiler… at least not in the literal sense. A hit from Jason Babin has already knocked Tony Romo out of the game. He was taken to the locker room for x-rays on his right hand. at this point, you would have to wonder whether the Cowboys would even think it was worth putting him back in?