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2012 NFL Draft Order: Philadelphia Eagles Picking No. 13

Sunday's 20-7 victory over the Dallas Cowboys meant only one thing to most Philadelphia Eagles fans, who already knew their team wasn't going to the playoffs after the New York Giants defeated the New York Jets, 29-14, earlier in the day, but a drop in the 2012 NFL draft order.

Yes, sure a victory over their NFC East rivals, which extended the Eagles winning streak to three games, is a solid way to finish the season that has mostly been a nightmare. However, for those fans specifically interested in how the wins and losses impact Philly's draft status, well, our friends at SB Nation Washington D.C. posted the current draft order if the season ended this Sunday.

Here is the order as it stands:

  1. Indianapolis Colts: 2-13
  2. St. Louis Rams: 2-13
  3. Minnesota Vikings: 3-12
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-11
  5. Cleveland Browns: 4-11
  6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4-11
  7. Washington Redskins: 5-10
  8. Miami Dolphins: 5-10
  9. Carolina Panthers: 6-9
  10. Buffalo Bills: 6-9
  11. Kansas City Chiefs: 6-9
  12. Arizona Cardinals: 7-8
  13. Philadelphia Eagles: 7-8
  14. Seattle Seahawks: 7-8
  15. San Diego Chargers: 7-8
  16. Chicago Bears: 7-7
  17. Dallas Cowboys: 8-7
  18. Tennessee Titans: 8-7
  19. New York Jets: 8-7
  20. Oakland Raiders: 8-7

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