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Michael Vick Reflects On Eagles' Disappointing Season, Looks Forward To Next Year

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick reflected on the Eagles season today and the future as his team heads for an early offseason after they were eliminated from playoff contention.

Vick on the realization that his season is ending on Sunday:

"Yeah, it was hard. I was just out on the field just saying to myself it wasn't supposed to end like this. But I think God has a defined plan for everything that goes on in everybody's lives and all of the guys in this locker room and it all remains to be seen. So we just have to keep the faith and keep believing and just pray that better days are ahead and I think they are."

Vick on the fans who were disappointed with the season Philadelphia has had:

"We're all going through it together. We want to win just as bad as they do and, you know, certain things just didn't happen the way that we wanted them to and this is where the chips fell. So hopefully, we're all disappointed and wish that the outcome could have been different but we apologize and hopefully we can give them want they want very soon."

Vick didn't want to go into details on what he wanted to work on during Sunday's game. He did say that he didn't feel any pressure to win a Super Bowl next season, although it will be a goal of his, as it is every season.

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