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Eagles Vs Dolphins: Ronnie Brown Talks Former Team

The Miami Dolphins made Ronnie Brown the #2 overall pick in the 2005 draft and was one of their most popular and productive players until he came to the Eagles prior to this season. Of course, the #1 thing Ronnie Brown's time in Miami is known for is the re-introduction of the wildcat offense to the NFL. Brown and the Dolphins ran it in a way that still has yet to be duplicated.

"I think it was just something different," Brown said. "Nobody really tried to run it or nobody really ran it a lot in the NFL. And it's just a different look and it gets come of guys on the field at the same time that are capable of making plays. You know, and it tries to give defenses different looks and it makes them adjust on the run."

Despite a fondness for his time in Miami, Brown says he hasn't followed them all that much this season.

"A little bit, not too much. When I have an opportunity I'll watch them because I'm still close to a few of the guys on the team. And some of the guys I played with in college I try to keep in contact with, obviously."

As for his current team, Brown admits that this season has been a disappointment and blames at least some of the Eagles struggles on the abbreviated offseason.

"Well, it makes it tough anytime you lose because you put so much into it. And of course we didn't have an offseason like we usually do for everybody to get close and get a camaraderie or whatever. So I think as a team the way that we worked during camp we put a lot into it, and to come and not be successful that's always tough because you know how much you put into it as far as two-a-days. And the schedule's a little different, but at the same time you're dealing with the soreness and all this stuff and to come up a little short of your goals. And to know that we could have had a couple of games here and there, and of course it didn't work out. And I don't think a lot of games we played the way we're capable of playing as a football team."

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