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Michael Vick To Appear On Oprah

Oprah has announced that Michael Vick will appear on her show Feb. 24 to discuss pretty much everything you might expect... His dogfighting ring, subsequent imprisonment, his release, attempts to make amends and of course his comeback campaign of last season. It'll be a big moment for Vick, who at this point seems to have won back most hardcore football fans, but remains very much unpopular with casual viewers. Getting back in their good graces would be a major step in Vick being able to get the kind of national endorsements he once had. There's no doubt that a sincere appearance on Oprah, as well as Oprah's endorsement could go a long way in rehabbing Vick's image with casual viewers of the NFL.


The news also means that Oprah will win her bet with CNN's Piers Morgan that she would get Michael Vick on her show before Morgan could. Who in their right mind would have bet against Oprah anyway?