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NFL Combine Results: Oregon State DT Stephen Paea Breaks Bench Press Record

Oregon State defensive tackle Stephen Paea set the NFL combine record for the 225 pound bench press this afternoon with a ridiculous 49 reps. The previous record, which is shared by three players, was 45. The bench press was the only event Paea was able to participate in thanks to knee surgery he had in January. So he needed to make his mark in the bench press and make his mark he did.

As PFT points out, the previous combine bench press record holders are washouts or backups, but Paea, who has twice been named the top defensive lineman in the PAC-10, can really play. Many scouts have him pegged as a late first round pick.

Mocking the Draft says that Paea’s weight room prowess is apparent in the way he plays.

“Paea is known as a weight room superstar and is one of the strongest players in the draft. His strength is evident in his playing style. If Paea gets good positioning, he can throw offensive linemen around or simply drive them backward. "