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Eagles Owner Wins An Oscar

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You can no longer say that Jeff Lurie hasn't won anything during his tenure as owner of the Eagles. Lurie is the executive producer of the movie "Inside Job" which tonight won the Oscar for "Best  Documentary." The movie tells the story of the 2008 financial crisis. has a statement from the Luries on the film.


"The Academy's recognition of Inside Job is a distinct honor. We are humbled by winning this Oscar and we are very proud of the outstanding work of Charles Ferguson, Audrey Marrs and the entire team associated with the movie. Our goal was to bring a fair and thoughtful presentation of the actions that led to the financial collapse and show how it has negatively impacted millions of lives across the globe," said Jeffrey and Christina Lurie.  "Many people are still suffering from this economic disaster and it is our hope that by understanding its root causes it can be better prevented in the future."


I'll admit that I'm kind of a documentary freak... and my pick for best documentary this year was "Exit Through The Gift Shop."  But still, congratulations to the Luries because this is pretty great honor. Now, I believe there's a certain other trophy we're all still waiting for you to bring home...