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Michael Vick Is Runner-up For AP Offensive Player Of The Year

The AP released the voting for the NFL offensive player of the year and while Tom Brady not surprisingly won the award, two Eagles also got votes. Michael Vick came in second with 11 votes, while DeSean Jackson was the surprise recipient of two votes.

Jackson's two votes were as many as Aaron Rodgers & Roddy White received. I'm as big a DeSean Jackson fan as anyone, but there were WRs like Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe & Brandon Lloyd who were superior to Jackson in every single offensive category. It's always great to see our guys get recognized nationally, but did DeSean Jackson really deserve it this year? I'm sure the fact that he had some of his biggest plays and most dramatic moments on national TV (against the Redskins and Giants) certainly helped his cause with the national media.