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DeSean Jackson Surprises Bullying Victim On The View

"The View" had a segment today about a kid of Upper Darby named Nadin Khoury, who was the victim of an ugly bullying incident which has become national news. Basically, a group of seven kids decided to pick on this kid because he was small and his mother was African. They beat him up and left him hung from a fence, but the worst thing though is that the kids filmed the whole thing and despite the fact that Nadin was screaming for help passers-by did nothing. All the attackers have since been arrested.


So "The View" had him on today to talk about the incident and bullying in general, but what Nadin, a big Eagles fan, didn't know was that DeSean Jackson, Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson were backstage waiting to surprise him. DeSean is his favorite player, so it was pretty touching to see the two get to meet. It made me pretty proud to be an Eagles fan.