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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Eagles Look To Improve Offensive Line With Nate Solder

The NFL has been locked out for about 72 hours now, and nobody really knows what the future of the labor negotiations will hold. But while we wait for the uncertainty of the season to play itself out, we can focus on something that we know will happen for sure; the NFL Draft. So let's mock away our pain, with SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft.

They have the Eagles looking for help on the offensive line with Colorado's enormous left tackle Nate Solder. Here is their rationale.

It's hard to ignore the offensive line issues Philly had in a disappointing close to the 2010 season. Solder does not have the strength to play right away for Andy Reid, but it's hard to imagine Reid not being enamored with Solder's physical talents.

He'll definitely need to hit the weight room, but he has the frame to put on weight, and you don't see guys that big with that type of athleticism every day. He could develop into one of the better players in the draft, and I think he would be good value if the Eagles get him here.