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Report: Eagles Have A First Round Offer For Kevin Kolb

Peter King is reporting this morning that a "good source" has told him that the Eagles already have an offer of a first round pick on the table for QB Kevin Kolb. He says that Andy Reid is now in the process of shopping that offer around trying to get an even better pick.


Reid revealed this past week that he was listening to offers for Kolb and seemed to imply that he was willing to part with his young QB if the price was right. Over on Bleeding Green Nation, JimmyK has a list of the QB needy teams and where they're picking in the first round. If we start from the bottom up, it would seem that the most likely choice could be Seattle, who currently hold the No. 25 pick. While that would seem like a nice return for Kolb, with so many other QB needy teams choosing higher, it would make sense that Andy would still be out looking to get a better offer. The Jaguars and Dolphins are both picking in the teens, so it's possible that they could be the teams offering the pick, but I would think that's likely the highest that can can be expected. If somehow a team like the Titans would be offering the No. 8 pick for Kolb... that would obviously be a coup of the highest order for the Eagles, but it does seem like a real stretch. Even the Vikings at No. 12 would seem a touch high.


Of course, this is all moot if a new labor deal doesn't get done. Player trades are not allowed in the absence of a CBA, so if this thing isn't solved by the end of April it probably won't matter who is offering what. Unfortunately, there's no indication that a new deal is anyone close enough to getting done.