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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Why Nate Solder Could Be A Good Fit For The Eagles

The NCAA Tournament might be demanding all of your attention at this point in the spring sports calendar, but that doesn't mean there can't be any room in your heart for other events; like the NFL Draft, for example. SB Nation just came out with the latest edition of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and it looks pretty familiar, for the Eagles at least.

They have the Eagles taking Colorado offensive lineman Nate Solder, and here is their rationale.

Andy Reid is all about the offensive line, and though Solder isn't perfect, he's pretty close athletically. Reid can work with him.

If Andy Reid is in fact "all about the offensive line" than Solder is the type of prospect that should make him very, very happy. If you were to build a perfect left tackle from scratch, he would probably look a lot like Solder (once he adds a few pounds in the weight room). Reid might be the perfect guy to mold him into that type of player.