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Seahawks Pete Carroll Speaks Highly Of Eagles Kevin Kolb

Another day means another head coach kind of hinting some interest in Eagles QB Kevin Kolb. Today’s winner is Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks.

“We want to compete at every single opportunity. That’s one that’s been out there,” Carroll said. “Those kinds of discussions, it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from, we’re trying to be privy to all of it.” “Anybody coming through Andy’s program has been through a great system, great coaching and leadership,” Carroll said, referring to Eagles coach Andy Reid. “That adds to the value of a player rather than a guy who is coming fresh out of college.”

Carroll’s last point is what could really make Kolb such a hot commodity this offseason. Assuming the labor dispute drags on all summer, it’s going to mean a lost year for the rookie QBs. So if you’re a QB needy team, it could be a lost year for you as well if you take a rookie. However, with Kolb you’ve got a guy that is still young and can be your QB of the future, but also one that has some NFL game experience and has been trained in a good system.

But what if the labor dispute runs through the draft and Kolb can’t be traded? According to Andy, the Eagles could still deal Kolb later in the summer for future picks.

“A future pick, that doesn’t bother me,” Reid said. “Depends on what that pick is. Maybe there has to be something else involved with it, but that’s all right.”