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Eagles Pro Bowler Jason Peters Arrested In Louisiana

Eagles pro bowl left tackle Jason Peters was arrested last night in Shreveport, LA for a loud music violation according to TMZ. The site reports that police asked Peters to turn down the music in his car several times and he refused. He reportedly also refused to show the police his ID.

Peters was in town to catch a performance by rapper Rick Ross, who ironically was also arrested in later in a separate incident for marijuana possession.

This is rather reminiscent of Dez Bryant situation from last week. Having your music too loud or your pants too low is probably a somewhat silly thing for the authorities to hassle a guy about, but for the players to allow things to escalate to the point of getting arrested or causing a big newsworthy incident is incredibly stupid. There's just some battles that aren't worth fighting. Cops telling you to turn the music down is one. Just turn it down, or go somewhere else, or make any one of many possible decisions other than the one that landed you in a jail for a couple hours.