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Madden 12 Cover Vote: Michael Vick Trounces DeMarcus Ware

EA Sports is running a bracket style tournament to decide the next guy on the cover of their Madden 12 video game. The company selected one player(or in Seattle's case the fans) from each team and seeded them. For the Eagles, Michael Vick was the representative and he was matched up with the Cowboy's DeMarcus Ware. Vick won easily with 76% of the vote. The only player to get a higher percentage of the vote in the first round was Matt Ryan, who was matched up with the obscure and somewhat head scratching choice of the Panthers' Jordan Gross.


Vick faces Texans' WR Andre Johnson in the next round. You have until next Monday to vote. Considering how the pro bowl voting went, I'd be mildly surprised if Michael Vick doesn't win this thing.  He finished just behind Brady in the fan pro bowl voting, he's still tremendously popular among football fans and even moreso amongst Madden gamers.


The only thing that could probably keep Vick off the cover are the Eagles fans voting against him hoping to avoid the dreaded "Madden curse," even though it really hasn't been a factor in recent years. Troy Polamalu struggled with injuries the year he shared the cover with Larry Fitzgerald(who was totally healthy) but then again Polamalu has struggled with injuries for a while now. You really have to go back to 2007 when Shaun Alexander was on the cover to get a real good example of the so called "curse."