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NFL Lockout News: Owners Formally Offer To Extend Talks

Albert Breer of has confirmed that the NFL owners have formally offered to extend talks past the current midnight deadline. Considering he works for the NFL, it’s probably safe to assume he’s got solid sources. The players however, are looking for concessions from the owners before agreeing to the extension.

On it’s face, it may seem like the players are being petty in the face of a olive branch from the owners, but their demand makes sense. If the owners aren’t willing to budge on anything, then what would be the point of continuing discussions? The players want some sign that there’s hope for movement toward a deal if they’re going to put off de-certification or other measures to fight the lock out.

So while the owners have made a positive gesture here, they’re going to have to do more if they want to stave off of the midnight deadline.