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Will The Eagles Be Interested In Clinton Portis?

Earlier this week, the Washington Redskins released Clinton Portis, and no one was particularly shocked. Portis has been injured for much of the last two years, and as a result, has seen his production drop dramatically. But Portis has always been a very talented back, and he will likely find a new home before next season (assuming there is one). Could that be in Philadelphia? Bill Barnwell of ESPN thinks he could be a good fit.

The solution? Turn Portis into a devastating part-time back. He's young enough to make a recovery -- he doesn't turn 30 until Sept. 1 -- and unlike backs that rely on breakaway speed in their youth and age poorly, Portis' mix of skills should sustain a second act for his career. He's an intelligent runner, makes sure cuts at the line of scrimmage and no back in the league is better in pass protection. A pass-happy team like the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots could easily find a role where Portis could contribute.

In theory, Portis could be a good thunder back to LeSean McCoy's lightning. But in practice, I'm not quite sure that would work. Philly would provide Portis the opportunity to get a little bit healthier, give up some of his carries, and prolong his career. But there is no guarantee that he can be an effective back in the league anymore. We'll have to wait and see if the Eagles will actually have any interest. But if the price is right (and by "right", I mean basically nothing), it could be a risk worth taking.