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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will the Eagles Land Colorado CB Jimmy Smith?

There are two spots that we have seen the Eagles address more than any other in NFL Mock Drafts around the Internet; offensive line and cornerback. In their latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft, SB Nation give the Eagles the latter, with Colorado CB Jimmy Smith heading to Philadelphia. Here is their rationale.

It's easy to project an offensive lineman here, as it's a problem area, and Andy Reid seems likely to fix it. Corner is a need, too, however, and adding a personality like Smith's to a D already featuring Asante Samuel is intriguing from both a talent and chemistry perspective.

Smith has an excellent blend of size and speed, and his physicality is superlative for the cornerback position. He also has the confidence and mind-set to play the position, which is the "personality" they were getting at in the article. At the Combine Smith had no problem saying that he thinks he is better than Nnamdi Asomugha.

"I like the comparison, he's a shutdown corner in the NFL," Smith said Sunday the NFL Combine. "I think I have better ball skills than he does, though."

That's the kind of confidence you need to play the position. If he is still on the board when the Eagles pick, he could represent good value at a position of need.