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Tiki Barber To Attempt NFL Comeback

Hey look, a former NFL star has changed his mind about retirement. But before ESPN fires up the Farve-watch 2011, it's not him.... Tiki Barber has filed papers with the league to come out of retirement and he reportedly plans to try and play again in 2011. The former Giant who had the foresight to hang em up one year before the Giants won it all will seek his release from the Giants in an attempt to find a job.


Why you may ask? Well, apparently it's because he's broke. Barber took a job with NBC after he retired, but when he got there he met a 23 year old intern and decided to leave his wife for her. His wife sued him for divorce and NBC fired him from his cushy 300K a year gig. 


Last year, it was reported that his money woes were so bad that he couldn't pay the divorce settlement his wife was awarded. So presumably this comeback attempt is what he sees as his best shot to earn some real cash. After dating an intern and generally being a bore on the air, it doesn't seem likely ESPN or CBS will be beating down his door.

Good luck Tiki, but I have a feeling that the market for 36 year old running backs who haven't played in 4 years isn't going to be very lucrative. This could get really sad really quick.