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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Eagles Add Depth At Cornerback?

Now that the NFL Draft is getting near, we're getting Mock Drafts thrown at us with much greater frequency. But despits the deluge of differnet opinions, there seems to be a trend for the Philadelphia Eagles pick in the first round. Mocking the Draft is just the latest Mock to give them Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, here is their rationale.

I can see the Eagles going in any number of directions depending if there is a free agency period and how it shakes out.  Either way the cornerback position is an area of need and Smith represents a player with high upside.

The more I think about it, the more Jimmy Smith makes sense. If you're going to get a serious impact player this late in the first round, it's probably because he has some issues. For Smith, those issues are his confidence and some character concerns, which might not end up hurting him in the end. The Eagles seem to be targeting Jimmy Smith (at least in the opinion of everyone) and I think he would be a pretty good fit in Philadelphia.