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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jimmy Smith Still Linked To The Eagles

Every once in a while, NFL Mock Drafts will sort of settle into a groove with a certain team taking a certain player. Sometimes it's because there is some information that the team has interest in that player, but other times it is because everyone just thinks it makes too much sense not to happen. I'm not sure what the reason is this time, but the eagles have been given Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith in a lot of recent Mock Drafts. That includes the latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft from SB Nation.

A supremely talented player, character concerns won't drop him any further than CB-needy Philly.

The Eagles need help at cornerback, and this is good value for a player like Smith. The more I see this pick made across the Internet, the more I feel confident that it is the way this should play out for the Eagles. If Smith doesn't get taken off the board by a team picking ahead of the Eagles before they have a chance to get him, I'd be surprised if he isn't the pick (assuming there isn't a much bigger prospect that falls to them).