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Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Strength Of Schedule Is Average

If you haven’t seen the full Philadelphia Eagles 2011 schedule, we’ve got it right here. If you have, the next question is obviously, “how tough is it?”

That’s probably tougher to figure out this year than any other given that we haven’t even had free agency yet. So we really don’t know what a lot of these teams are going to look like come September. However, if we go on 2010 records, the Eaglesstrength of schedule is pretty average.

In fact, they’re tied for 15th among the 32 NFL clubs with an opponents’ winning percentage of .504.

The toughest schedules in the league fall to the two worst teams in the league last year, Carolina and Buffalo. Their opponent’s winning percentages are .555 and .535 respectively. Amongst the contenders, the Jets, Colts & Chiefs have the toughest road with opponents winning 52% of their games in 2010.

The “easiest” schedules in the league go to San Francisco, Baltimore & Arizona. The NFC West teams all have relatively easy schedules due to the fact that ya know… they get to play each other six times.