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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Has Cam Newton On Top Of Latest Mock Draft

ESPN’s other NFL draft analyst Todd McShay released his latest mock draft today and he’s got a little bit of a shakeup in his top five. He still has Cam Newton going #1 to the Panthers, not because he ranks Newton as his top QB, but because he hears that Newton is the pick.

The rest of his top five has the Broncos taking Marcell Dareus, Bills taking Von Miller, Bengals taking A.J. Green and the Cardinals picking up QB Blaine Gabbert. He’s also got a bit of a surprise with Julio Jones going #6 to the Browns. That seems high for Jones, but McShay says that Mike Holmgren has a history of drafting lots of wideouts.

That means that Patrick Peterson, who some scouts rate as the best overall player in the draft, falls to the 49ers at #7. The folks in San Francisco, who could use a corner, would likely be doing cartwheels if that scenario played out.

As for the Eagles, he’s got the same guy many mock drafts have them taking, Colorado CB Jimmy Smith. However, he lists three scenarios that could see them taking three different players.

Scenario 1: Smith is neck-and-neck with Amukamara from a talent standpoint and is on the rise as teams get more comfortable with his character and their ability to keep him focused. He would be a steal at this point and step in right away opposite Eagles CB Asante Samuel to help upgrade a pass defense that allowed a franchise-record 31 touchdown passes in 2010.

Scenario 2: Derrick Sherrod is possible as an upgrade at a need spot.

Scenario 3: UCLA OLB Akeem Ayers could also be on the radar at this point.