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NFL Lockout: League Tells Teams To Open For Business

The NFL has dispatched a “post injunction operations” memo to teams in the wake of Judge Nelson ruling advising them to essentially open for business.

Clubs have been directed to allow players to use team facilities for training, rehab and medical treatment. They are allowed to distribute playbooks and conduct film study sessions. Mandatory and voluntary camps may begin and players may also be involved in team sponsored charity activities.

As of yet, there is no player movement or free agency allowed. However, the NFL said that they will release that information tomorrow. Right here is the full list of what the NFL has told teams is permissible.

The NFL has filed an appeal of Judge Nelson’s ruling with the 8th circuit court and if that court issues a stay on her ruling this could potentially all be reversed. That ruling is expected to come quickly, but if a stay is not granted the NFL will have to proceed with a new league year, which means free agency, trades, basically everything will happen.