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NFL Draft Results: Washington Redskins Put On A Clinic

When Bruce Allen was hired as the GM of the Redskins, may predicted that we would be seeing a new and smarter Redskins team in the draft. Then they traded three picks for Donovan McNabb... However, here in 2011 it seems like the promise may finally be paying off.

Washington wisely traded down from #10 to a QB desperate team in Jacksonville, who saw a run on QBs and decided to go up and get Blaine Gabbert. Washington only moved back six spots and picked up an extra second round pick in the process. When their pick came up at #16, Ryan Kerrigan, who they likely wanted all along was still there. We may be seeing a new Redskins after all. Really nice bit of maneuvering by them.


Even better, they aren't going to have Blaine Gabbert throwing three yard curls for them for the next three years. Who knows who will play QB for them, but either way this was a great first round for the Redskins. They got their man and replaced the picks in this draft that they wasted last year.