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2011 NFL Draft: Fans Tell Roger Goodell "We Want Football"

All the buzz to before the draft began was about what what would happen when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came out on stage for the first time. He is the owners' face in this whole dispute and it was pretty obvious that he was going to get the brunt of the fans' frustration over the lockout. When he finally did come out about a half hour before the draft was set to start, he was treated to loud boos which segued into "We want football" chants. Goodell responded saying "I hear you, I'm with you."

Of course, this only exacerbated the booing and chanting, but then Goodell quieted them down and actually kind of turned it around. How? Check that out after the jump, but below is the video of the fans' venting their frustration.


He quiets the crowd and says he wants to have a moment of silence for the people affected by the tornadoes in Alabama. Plus he’s got all the players from Alabama and Nick Saban up there. So basically no one can boo anymore. In fact, they all cheer afterward. Now, I'm not saying he did it to get the fans off his back because it is a serious thing and the Alabama program has been especially affected by it. You could tell that Goodell, Saban and all the players were serious...

This was all before the draft started. Then when he came out for the start of the draft on TV, the reception really wasn’t all that bad because the crowd basically already figured they took their shot at him.