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NFL Draft Day Three: Philadelphia Eagles Look To Fill Remaining Needs

The Philadelphia Eagles have taken three players over the first rounds of the 2011 NFL draft, which given their history in the draft is somewhat of a surprise. The Eagles, who are usually very active on draft day moving up and down the board made just one trade. They dropped back five spots in the third round in a trade with Baltimore that netted them an extra sixth round pick. I would expect to see a lot more movement from the team on this final day.

Here are what I see as the Eagles top remaining needs (in no particular order):

Running back - LeSean McCoy is the unquestioned starter and a burgeoning star, but in today's NFL everyone has two backs to lessen the load on their top guy. Last year, the Eagles struck out with the free agent signing of Mike Bell, but traded him for Jerome Harrison midseason, who came in and did a very good job. Harrison is a free agent, so the Eagles could look for Shady's backup here

Linebacker - The Eagles have a slew of young linebackers but none have really emerged as a sure fire starter. Stewart Bradley has been good when healthy, but he has been injured often. Jamar Chaney did good things last year, the team likes what Moise Fokou has done, but it's not a if there aren't upgrades to be made. Plus, it's likely that Ernie Sims won't be back.

Offensive line - Obviously the Eagles made a big move to solidify their right guard position taking Danny Watkins in round one, but the struggles of the line and injuries last year really did expose a lack of depth. I expect that there's a decent chance the Eagles will grab some developmental big guys on this last day.

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