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2011 NFL Draft: Eagles Select RB Dion Lewis, Who Had Replaced LeSean McCoy At Pitt

Two drafts ago, the Eagles took a RB out of Pitt that worked out well and they’ve went back to that well this year. With the 149th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft the Eagles selected RB Dion Lewis, who had replaced LeSean McCoy at Pitt.

Lewis is a speedy back with a low center of gravity and compact running style. He has a knack for making defenders miss, runs through arm tackles and has good cutback ability. Lewis shows good patience behind the line and often seems to find his way through a crowd. He was rarely ever asked to block, so that’s obviously something that needs to be worked on.

He has 30 TDs in his college career including 13 from last season. He has experience as a receiver out of the backfield catching a little over 50 passes over the last two years. At 5-7, 193 pounds there is some concern whether he’s got the size to be an every down back in the NFL, but that’s not going to be a role he’s likely asked to play by the Eagles anyway.

Sideline scouting had to say on Lewis

Strong for his size, reportedly can bench press 400 pounds, over twice his body weight… Rarely fumbles, does a good job of holding the football high and tight… Very quick and shifty in the open field, shakes a lot of tacklers… Great short area burst, hard to contain… Surprisingly good runner between the tackles, keeps his pad level low… Outstanding vision, finds the crease almost immediately… Patient runner, consistently waits for his blockers to set up… Good hands out of the backfield, secures the ball with both hands…